Nothing is more defeating than believing that we are powerless, yet, too many of us have lived life feeling just that—powerless. We feel powerless over the condition of our relationships, our finances, and our future. And worst of all this is completely the opposite of how God intends us to live our lives. Powerless people tend to blame everyone else for their messes in life. And they don’t connect the difficulties in their lives with their own choices, someone else is always to blame for the life they are living. Sadly, they don’t believe they have the power to change or make choices that will impact their future for the good. Powerless people are fueled by fear and they create an environment of anxiety wherever they go. Often they use control and manipulation to communicate to others “they better submit—or else!”

The world sees power in limited supply. Because of this perspective of lack, people scramble to increase their personal power using manipulation, control, and competition. The lie is that there is not enough power to go around. There is plenty! When an individual battles for power, they try to get their way by using attack, withdrawal, and threats. These tactics result in an empty victory and are relationally detrimental.

When a person chooses to empower and serve others, they begin to experience healthy relationships. No longer are they driven by fear and lack, now they believe they have power over situations instead of situations having power over them. As St. Irenaeus said, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” We are only fully alive when we begin to see ourselves as able to make decisions, affect our relationships, and have a hand in our future.

Thought Bomb: How are you empowering those you are in relationship with?

RelationshipsNancy Houston