Discovering modern ways to maximize meaningful connections in every area of life.

We all want the same things in life: to be loved, accepted, seen, heard, and understood. And we want our relationships to work better, to connect with one another by giving and receiving love. Life is about the relational attachments we allow our hearts to make. Relationships are the hardest part of our life. Sometimes our relationships work and sometimes they don't work at all. It’s during the times when they don't work that things become painful and hard. Most of us did not grow up with examples of how to cultivate healthy relationships or healthy-selves. But it’s my desire to offer you, my dear friend and reader, some hope—hope for healing in your own soul and hope that your relationships can become more satisfying.

You aren't alone on this journey called life. Let's join together and work toward building the love, the connection, and the relationships we all long for.


Meet NAncy Houston

Nancy Houston is an author, speaker, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist specializing in individual, marital, and sexual issues. Nancy has been married to the love of her life for over 42 years. Together they have four married sons with wonderful wives and eight adorable grandchildren.

She is also a Director for the John Townsend Leadership program in New York City and the Dallas Fort Worth area. She was on staff at Gateway Church for over five years, serving in the Marriage and Family department.

She loves to help people grow into their full potential, empowering them to be truly alive. 

Nancy has influenced marriage relationships by developing and teaching Marriage Revolution (a workbook and DVD series) based on her work with other couples and biblical insights. She also teaches on topics ranging from relationships to healing and recovering your own soul.